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PostSubject: Broken Music Box   Broken Music Box Empty12th April 2013, 6:42 pm

My heart is crying, the words you said to me
Still clear as the tears falling down my face.
I can't believe it was just yesterday
That the feelings we had were broken
Before then, it felt as if
The days were just rewinding
And playing over and over
Like a scratched record, like a broken music box

Now the sun no longer shines
In my heart, all that remains
Is rain and clouds colored gray.
The love we had, I could not imagine
It ever ending, breaking apart
Was not in my mind.
But now I stand here
With my face full of sadness
And the words replay
Like that of a broken music box

"Lets just be friends" You tell me
At least we can be
That much I can say
I cry and you walk away
The hours begin to flow
You're now but a faint memory
Of days gone by, long past
The songs we sang
Haunting my dreams
Just like that of a broken music box

As I wind the song up one more time
I think of you, and your smile
I sit on my bed, and cry awhile
Listening to that song
That we had called our own.
In my dreams, you are now gone
I can hear that faint song
Just like the broken music
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Broken Music Box
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