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PostSubject: Template shop~   Template shop~ Empty14th June 2013, 4:19 pm

I don't claim to be great, but my stuff is simpler and I get inspired every once in awhile. Anyone who doesn't know how to edit the coding, pm me and I'll give you a set of instructions based on what I made for you. Everyone's is a little different.

Just follow the form, and don't remove anything. If you don't want a certain field, just put N/A. If you don't know what you want, put 'You choose' and I'll go to town on it. My examples are not the only styles I use, so just give me some details or again say 'You choose' if you want something different then what I have up. I'll be adding more as I see fit. If you are overly vague, don't expect me to give you exactly what you want, and if you are rude I won't go back and edit it a million times until you are satisfied with it.

By the way, I'm not the greatest picture editor, just a pretty good coder and I enjoy it. So if you want overly fancy pics and mash ups, I suggest getting those first then coming to me. Small things and lightning/effects/blahblah I can do to an extent.

Please don't use these! These are all my personal templates on this and other sites!
Gradient 1 pic-
Gradient 2 pic-

Picture or solid background scroll bar-
This one is moody, too many previews makes the image temporarily go black. Still working on that, but when posted it should work.


  • Read everything at the top.
  • Don't use this stuff on any other site without crediting me by the name Allie.
  • Don't just take codes from my other templates and do your own without giving me credit for the basic set up at least. It's very rude and, might I say frankly, slack. The obvious other side of this is don't take the entire template as if and use it either.

Request Form~
Template style- [One of the above in my examples, describe one of your own design, or give me free reign to decide. Be specific for the first and second.]
Color scheme-[Like how the first is red/black/white, an the second is green/teal/white. Even if you aren't wanting a gradient background, fill this out or let me decide.]
Header/footer-[This is the text at the top and, sometimes, bottom. Specify the header/footer font, if different or the same, what you want it to say, maybe the color and such. Anything you don't specify I'll choose, or pick you can say none.]
Sub text-[Pretty much the post itself. Where all the content is. I suggest this either be black or white depending on the background. Otherwise it'll be too hard to see. Keep in mind colored talking text will be in here too if you want it, and I can put that code in there too if you request it.]
Background-[If it's gradient, specify a few colors. I suggest they're close together with only slightly lighter color highlights otherwise the text won't show up whether black or white. With pictures, specify below which one you want to go there, and edits to it. Solid background, give me the html code for it or just say simply 'teal' or 'blue' or something. Anything not specified I'll either leave out or pick myself.]
Pictures- [Please give me links to the pictures, or put them in spoilers. No stretching the topic page. Specify any edits you want, similar color theme edits, borders, all that. I'll do my best. All make sure you specify more then one picture for each place (Like the top picture in the gradient, or the bottom) and pick large, non blurry pics. Anything that looks retarded I'll ask for something different. If you don't have good pics, tell me your Face Claim and I'll gladly look.]
Anything else-[Any extra things you want.]
Comments?-[Self explanatory.]

[b]Template style[/b]-
[b]Color scheme[/b]-
[b]Main text[/b]-
[b]Sub text[/b]-
[b]Anything else[/b]-
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Coda Everwind

Template shop~ DI8azlR
Coda Everwind

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PostSubject: Re: Template shop~   Template shop~ Empty14th June 2013, 5:06 pm

Template style-Type 2
Color scheme-Whatever suits it best 
Main text-When Given the choice to live or die...
Sub text-I will always choose to live....
Anything else-
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Template shop~
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