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February 30th

Oji's Writings 8wKG0sB
February 30th

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PostSubject: Oji's Writings   Oji's Writings Empty17th July 2013, 3:14 am

I know this is the Art Center, but writing is a form of expression and thus could be considered a form of art so... here it goes?

I'll post or two that come to mind. They won't be full on stories that I do unless someone actually requests it since those can get long if I wish them to, but the ones I will post are pet projects and won't reflect my RPing or writing style but just me messing around emulating other writing styles or just practicing a way to describe a scene or fight without using a style I already know. As always if you have any form of criticism feel free to drop it down, even if it's flames. There's always something to learn and improve on, so without further ado here's the first drop.

[ - Pet Project 1 = Taiho vs Kyouko - Arena 1 - ]

Opening Notes:

Part 1:
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Oji's Writings
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