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 Jutsu Ranking Thread

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Jutsu Ranking Thread YiM50Vl
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PostSubject: Jutsu Ranking Thread   Jutsu Ranking Thread Empty27th March 2018, 7:15 pm

When requesting a technique be ranked, be fill out the following template accordingly.

Some baseline rules

1. No Game Techniques
2. Techniques from Books may be denied if deemed unstable

Quote :
Name of the Jutsu: In English please.
Type: Nin? Tai? Gen? Etc.
Element: Fire? Water? Etc.
Link: [url= ]Insert name of Jutsu Here[/url]

Staff - When you rank something, please update the appropriate jutsu section, and delete the request.

Jutsu Ranking Thread Neko_by_chubbzeh-d9lxxpn


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Jutsu Ranking Thread
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